Vanguard Voices



In this episode of Vanguard Voices, I’m joined by Klancy Cunningham. Klancy has worked in children’s ministry for over 35 years and has recently released her new book, Activating Children In The Prophetic, which is a wonderful introductory guide for training children to hear the voice of God and minister prophetically.

In this episode, Klancy and I discuss:

  • The reasons why it is important to train children at an early age to hear the voice of God and the fallout if we wait.
  • How developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit helps to solidify their identities.
  • Creating an environment in your home or classroom for children to grow prophetically.
  • Practical advice for parents or leaders who are unsure of how to get started in training the children in their lives.


Episode Highlights:

1:16 – Klancy shares her story and why it inspired her to write her book.

5:14 – We discuss why she wrote her book, Activating Children In The Prophetic, and the impact she hopes it will have.

6:29 – Klancy shares why she thinks training and activating children in their gifts at a young age is so important.

8:36 – We look at the fallout of waiting to train children until they are older.

10:50 – A discussion on identity warfare and how a relationship with the Holy Spirit helps children navigate identity warfare.

19:35 – Our optimism for the future of the next generation and tips on creating an environment where children can grow in their gifts.

29:20 – Practical advice for parents who want to train their children but feel ill-equipped.

36:39 – Testimonies from her advanced training program, Wake Up Gad.

If you are a parent or work with children, this interview will inspire you in the simplicity of training children to hear and respond to the voice of God!