What’s the purpose of the 47M project?


Will you join us in defining the decade ahead?

The 47M project is a year-long prayer strategy focused on building a foundation for kingdom impact in the decade ahead. As a part of our strategy, we have paired one of the seven major spheres of culture (the Seven Mountains) with a day of the week. Each day, we will send out a new decree for that particular sphere of culture.

At the start of the year, many prophets have said that 2020 is a hinge year, where we will determine what the next 10 years will look like by how we pray. In Hebrew, we understand that we are moving from a decade of seeing to a decade where we create with our words, speaking what we have seen.

Our words are powerful:

  • The Bible says we create with our words
  • Angels are activated when we speak
  • When we speak, God responds

Imagine what could happen if we came together, with targeted decrees focused on speaking God’s plan for each of the Seven Mountains of Culture. There are unlimited possibilities!

How does the 47M project work?

When you sign up, you will begin receiving a short email every morning with a new prophetic decree related to a corresponding area of culture.

Participating in the 47M project is simple

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