What’s the purpose of the 47M project?


Will you join us in defining the decade ahead?

The 47M project began in 2020 as a year-long prayer strategy focused on building a foundation for kingdom impact in the decade ahead. As a part of our strategy, we prayed every day throughout the year for the seven major spheres of culture (the Seven Mountains), pairing each day with a different mountain.

Having laid a strong foundation of intercession, we’re moving into a new strategy for 2021, shifting our focus to action, supported by intercession.

Intercession, while incredibly important, is just one piece of God’s strategy for reformation.  In this season, we believe God is also asking us to consider the practical ways that we can begin to impact the world around us. Whether it’s making a personal impact, training and releasing others to do so, or using our wealth more strategically, we believe that God is calling the Ekklesia to move into a season of aggressive kingdom activity that reshapes our culture.

Imagine what could happen if we came together with intercession-empowered strategies focused on impacting the Seven Mountains of Culture. There are unlimited possibilities!

How can you get involved with the 47M project?


Each week, you’ll receive a newsletter that takes a deeper dive on a topic related to impacting the Seven Mountains, along with a series of decrees you can implement into your prayer time.


Every month, we host online strategy meetings focused on topics related to practical ways we can begin to impact the Seven Mountains. Meetings begin with a brief introduction to the topic, followed by discussion and prayer.


During every monthly strategy meeting, you’ll have the chance to connect with other like-minded leaders where you can talk through challenges, share your ideas and collaborate on strategies.


You’ll also receive Vanguard Strategies, our monthly newsletter featuring articles on relevant issues related to impacting the Seven Mountains, as well as interviews with leaders that are making an impact.

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Note: Some people ask us about the origin of our name. We chose 47M as a play on words meaning “for the Seven Mountains.”

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