Vanguard Voices



In this episode of Vanguard Voices, I’m joined by Brian Wentroble. Brian is the owner of Create Great Stories, a membership website for beginning and intermediate fiction writers. Through Create Great Stories, Brian offers members a safe place where writers can share their works and receive valuable feedback.

In this episode, Brian and I discuss:

  • The power of fiction as a tool to impact culture
  • The dangers young writers encounter on anime and fan fiction sites
  • The need for greater Christian representation in secular fiction
  • Practical advice for writers, including keys to writing for the younger generation

Episode Highlights:

3:09 – Brian shares why fiction is such a powerful tool and how we can use it for kingdom purposes

7:53 – We discuss the dangers that young people encounter on fan fiction and anime websites

10:21 – Brian shares the reasons that Christians are so underrepresented in secular fiction, offering an honest critique of Christian writing.

17:46 – Important advice for people entering the Arts & Entertainment Mountain (getting past perfection, understanding your audience, and more!)

25:39 – Detailed advice for writing for the younger generation

33:20 – Practical tips for getting started as a writer (finding your audience, dealing with criticism, and more!)

44:05 – Brian shares more about the resources available through Create Great Stories, including offering a free three-month membership for listeners!

If you or your child are interested in writing but aren’t sure about how to get started, this interview is filled with practical advice for getting started!