Vanguard Voices


In this episode of Vanguard Voices, I’m joined by Michelle Garcia. Michelle is the owner of Rockaware, an education company that offers practical resources to help families create everyday teachable moments that help build a rock-solid Christian foundation in their children.

In this interview, Michelle and I cover such topics as:

  • Her vision for Rockaware and the unique approach her company is taking to partner with families
  • Strategies for empowering children to stand firm in the face of the swirling winds of culture
  • The necessity of breaking destructive cycles in families
  • Recognizing where fear may have crept into your parenting
  • Intentional parenting in a busy world
  • Out-of-the-box ways we can use our skills to impact the Family Mountain

Episode Highlights:

1:07 – Michelle shares her vision for Rockaware and the resources they offer to families
6:30 – We discuss the reasons that the enemy is so aggressively warring against families
9:08 – Strategies for empowering your children to stand firm in the face of indoctrination
15:24 – Breaking destructive cycles in families
19:04 – The importance of community
22:38 – Intentional parenting – addressing the idols of busyness and distraction
29:05 – Ways to make an impact, even if you’re not a parent
35:19 – Out-of-the-box strategies for impacting the Family Mountain
37:24 – What’s happening at Rockaware

If you are a parent or have a heart for the Family Mountain, this interview will give you valuable insights on how you can make a difference!