Vanguard Voices

Interview with Penny Cruz

In this episode of Vanguard Voices, I’m joined by Penny Cruz, senior pastor of Journey Church in McAllen, TX. In addition to leading her church, Penny has developed a training program that has opened doors for her to speak to thousands of students, teachers, and administrators throughout the Rio Grande Valley. What began with a pro-abstinence education class in one middle school has grown into a program covering multiple topics that has been embraced by schools all across the Rio Grande Valley.

In this interview, Penny covers topics such as:

  • How the door was opened for her to begin speaking at her local school
  • Insights on critical issues affecting young people
  • How to use your gifts in a school setting
  • Key intercession points for students, teachers, and the education system

Episode Highlights:
3:44 – How she expanded her program from one school to reaching 10,000 students/ year.
6:10 – The importance of not letting your qualifications stop you. Authenticity is everything.
9:40 – Penny shares some success stories.
14:51 – Using your prophetic gift in a school setting.
18:46 – The need for wisdom and strategy when working in schools.
25:33 – Penny shares how issues like CRT, transgenderism, and fear are affecting students.
37:31 – Practical intercession points for praying for schools, students, and teachers.
47:30 – The importance of not abandoning our local schools.

If you have a heart for impacting young people through the Education Mountain, this interview will give you valuable insights on how you can make a difference!


– Shelley Ozment