Terms of Service

Refund Policy

Most of the resources that we provide involve intellectual content, such as emails, videos, courses and articles. Because of this, doing a return isn’t really possible, but if you feel like you didn’t get what was promised, we will do everything we can to make it right. We feel it’s reasonable for you to let us know within 30 days of a purchase that you aren’t happy with what you purchased in order for us to provide any sort of refund. Our goal is to provide useful products, but if you have a problem with a product, if you submit a polite, reasonable request, we will do what we can to work things out.

If you have purchased a seat in one of our vc:ADVANCE workshops, we understand that life can interfere and that plans change, and we’ve tried to create a refund policy that respects you, our other students and our coaches.

DEPOSIT: We require a $500 deposit to secure your spot in the workshop and to accept our admission offer. Your deposit is non-refundable.

TUITION: The rest of your tuition, $495, is fully refundable any time between the day we receive it and thirty days prior to the start of the session you applied for. If you withdraw and ask for a refund, and then later decide to reapply, you’ll be asked to pay a new non-refundable deposit as part of your full tuition.

WITHDRAWAL: If our coaches determine that you are failing to contribute to the workshop, we’ll let you know. If you’re still not able to actively participate, we’ll ask you to withdraw from the workshop. In this situation, no refund is possible.

Cancellation Policy

If you are dissatisfied with any of our subscription based products, please contact us and let us know. You can cancel any of your subscriptions at any time with no issue and you will continue to have access until your purchased time expires.

You agree that you’ll pay the subscription fee and any required taxes in order to get access to the material you signed up for. If you have a subscription account, we will access the related fees from your credit card, Paypal account or however you decided to pay us once a month as we agreed. If you want to switch accounts, let us know. If your credit card declines then we’ll contact you and possibly suspend your account until you pay us- that’s only fair. We can’t give you your money back after you’ve paid for that month. If you do have a problem and need to cancel your membership, it may up to two weeks to finalize your cancellation. If you’re accidentally charged again in the meantime, we’ll refund your money. We’re sorry you’re cancelling your membership and understand we can’t be a perfect fit for everyone.

Free Member Hub:

As a part of the free Member Hub, we offer an interactive forum. We’d love to monitor everything, but we can’t. For the most part, the forum will be self-monitored by the community. We might edit out things that do not adhere to our forum rules and not let you know before we do so.

Your real remedy, if you don’t like the site or aren’t finding it useful, is to cancel your membership account.

Delivery/Shipping Policy

Most of our products are online in nature and are delivered via electronic download, email, participation in online forums and links to hosted videos and other premium content. If ever there is a time when you don’t receive your product, just contact us and we’ll make sure you get what you need. Email us at support@vanguard-creative.com

Data and security

Everything is done to avoid any slowdown or unexpected downtime of the services, but it is not possible to guarantee these slowdowns, or to foresee potential downtime. No network or server problem or any other breakdown can be covered under any warranty. No repayment can be considered for any break or stop of the services, damage or data loss except under extreme circumstances where any such outage lasts beyond seven (7) consecutive days, in which case, a prorata refund may be offered at the sole discretion of Vanguard Creative. Several systems have been set up to ensure a security of the content.

Use of your personal data

Our website, newsletter, Member Hub, master courses and other services may collect personal information.  Please review our Privacy Policy to understand what, if any, information we collect and store, how that information is used, how we may share that information, and your rights in connection with your personal information.

Charges and Customer Service

All credit card charges will appear as:

Vanguard Creative

P.O. Box 440 Highway 377 N, Argyle, TX 76226

You may contact us via email at support@vanguard-creative.com