This weekend God hit me with a challenge/rebuke that I think will resonate with you as well. I was in a conference session and heard Him say, ”It’s time to get out of the kiddie pool. It’s time to start swimming in the depth that I have called you to.”

When He said it, I knew exactly what He was talking about. I have some revelation that I think is important and I’ve been sitting on it. I’ve shared it with a few people, but I’ve been hesitant to unpack what I’m hearing to a larger audience and He called me on it.

For whatever reason, I’ve been playing it safe.

I think for me, it’s because I’m moving in foreign territory, so I’ve been cautiously rolling things out while I get my bearings. I’ve been thinking more about my comfort level than my assignment.

How about you? Have you been playing it safe in the kiddie pool?

Reasons We Swim In The Kiddie Pool:

 When you’ve come close to drowning:

When you’ve been burned in ministry, you feel like you’ve being pulled under. For some people, the experience leaves them with so much pain that they determine to never be hurt like that again. They go to church, and say and do all the right things, but the wounds are still there.

Kicking your feet in the water is ok, but swimming – that’s insane!

When you’re afraid to swim:

Fear is related to uncertainty. Do you ever feel unsure of whether what you’re hearing is truly from God, or simply your own ideas? Too many of us are waiting for validation, when it has already been given.

Or maybe you look at the risk involved and it feels too great. In this world of internet trolls and public shaming (more often than not from other believers) it can be terrifying to share something outside the lines. We’re afraid of the notoriety.

 When you can’t see how much you have grown:

If you still see yourself as a kid, you’re going to keep playing it safe and defer to the experts.

 “They get the words and the revelation. My job is to follow.”

 But what if it’s your ideas that we are waiting on?

When you struggle with insecurity, validation becomes a crutch that supports your identity. In this season, God is breaking you out of insecurity. He’ll withhold the crutches you so desperately want, because He wants you to see that you don’t need them.

You have grown.

You have authority.

It’s time to use it.

When you prefer floating:

It’s a lot easier to float through life than to swim into a tsunami. But what if God wants you in the tsunami? Too many of us are willing to dissolve into average so we can avoid the risks that come with swimming into the depths of our calling.

When you want to play with the other kids:

Perhaps your ideas are controversial. Maybe your friends and family will think you’re crazy. That’s ok.

Really. It will be ok.

The thoughts of God are higher and greater. That means that when we flow in His calling for our lives, we will be misunderstood and we will be persecuted, because people don’t understand.

Kingdom assignments are not popularity contests.

Stop Playing It Safe – It’s Time To Swim 

I want to challenge you today, like God challenged me.

Are there assignments that you have failed to pick up? What have you been doing with the revelation God has given you?

 Every revelation has an assignment attached to it.  

No more safe ideas.

No more artificial boundaries that keep you from the real assignments God has for your life.

Stop being a big fish in a little pond.

Start saying what you see.

Grab fear by the throat and jump in.