Kingdom-focused coaching is a strategic tool that can be used to help people fulfill their kingdom assignments.

God has given us many different tools and ideas over the last few years to equip us for cultural impact – things like making decrees, influencing the seven cultural mountains, apostolic hubs, and kingdom wealth transfer. While there has been a lot of teaching, I think many people are still lost as to how these ideas work in their every day lives. They hear prophetic words, but they aren’t sure how those words apply to the work they do. That’s where kingdom-focused coaching can really make a difference:

Practical Ways Coaching Can Impact Culture:

  1. Coaches help people understand their kingdom assignments:

It’s about asking the right questions to help them to think deeper about the work they do and how it can make an impact.

Questions like:

  • Why is what you do important? (Are you called to make money that funds kingdom projects, to be a kingdom connecter, to spiritual occupy a neighborhood or an industry, or a governmental office, to be a portal bringing down creative ideas from heaven’s storehouse?)
  • How can you shift the spiritual environment – even if you aren’t the boss?
  • What would Heaven’s culture look like where you work?
  • Are you aligned with the right people?

Kingdom-focused coaching is about seeing the potential that God sees and calling it out. It’s about challenging and stretching people beyond what they feel they are capable of so they can move to a higher level.

  1. Coaches focus on Execution:

In the church we have no problem with inspiration. What we have a shortage of is execution. We do a lot of teaching, but too often, we don’t hold people’s feet to the fire when it comes to producing results.

A good coach challenges the process:

  • Why aren’t you getting the results you want? What are you going to do about it?
  • In what areas of your life have you settled into a status quo?
  • Are you defending an idea that’s lost it’s anointing?
  • Is it really spiritual warfare or is it you? Do you need discipline?
  • Are you sacrificing results because you want it to be perfect?

Kingdom-focused coaches help people see where they’ve been hiding behind excuses, so they can make better decisions and start seeing results. It’s about imbedding in them a FEDEX mindset – it’s all about shipping – getting things out the door and into the world.

There are too many heaven-birthed ideas that aren’t being executed because we aren’t telling people the truth. If we really want to impact culture, that has to change.

  1. Coaches help people deal with resistance so they can get back into proper timing:

Anytime you pursue a kingdom assignment you’re going to encounter resistance. Sometimes its internal – that voice telling you to stay in your lane and play it safe.

Sometimes its external – spiritual warfare targeted to keep you from successfully pursuing the assignment God has for you. The purpose of resistance, whether internal or external, is to pull you out of God’s timing.

A kingdom-focused coach has the discernment to see where resistance has pulled people out of timing with the prophetic words and kingdom assignments God has for their lives:

So they ask:

  • Is the resistance internal, external or is it both? Oftentimes it’s both, especially when pursuing kingdom assignments.

When dealing with resistance, a Kingdom-focused coach helps the person see what they’re dealing with, but they also need to use the authority that God has given them to break off faulty thinking that has created cycles of delay. It’s clearing the air so they can see again and take the steps to get themselves back into proper timing.

  1. Coaches help people to break down spiritual principles into daily strategies:

It’s about helping people move from the mystical to the practical:

  • How does this big picture prophetic word apply to your business strategy? How does this translate? If God is saying this – what should you be thinking about at work? What actions should you be taking?

One of the key areas that I see this is with intercession. People know it’s important, many of them do it for spiritual leaders, but they never think to partner with intercessors when they are launching a strategic initiative at work. They don’t see what they do as a spiritual assignment that invites spiritual warfare.

A kingdom-focused coach sees the big picture and asks the questions that will help to create a strategy that implements the valuable intel that comes from prophetic revelation.

  1. Coaches help people see the connections between what they do and the bigger picture of what God is trying to accomplish:

I think this is perhaps one of the greatest ways that kingdom-focused coaching can impact culture. Again, it’s about stepping back and asking the critical questions:

  • How does what God told you to do connect with what other people are doing?
  • How can you collaborate with other people to create a greater impact?

Again, there’s no shortage of ideas. People hear God and develop strategies based on what they feel like God has told them, but oftentimes fail to step back and see how that assignment fits into the bigger picture of what God wants to do.

Collaboration To Combat Sex Trafficking

One example of this is the work being done to combat sex trafficking. There are many people and organizations trying to help make a difference – non-profits, police, homeland security, churches, shelters, counselors, child protective services, etc. These various actors are doing great things, but often see limited results.

We don’t need more non-profits. We don’t need more churches. What we need to do is start asking the bigger questions about why we’re doing what we’re doing and who else is doing it? How can we work together?

So a good coach asks:

  • How does this idea, ministry, business, social enterprise fit into the big picture?
  • If you don’t know, what should you do?
  • Who do you need to connect with?
  • Are you the one that should start connecting people?

I’m a firm believer that God is speaking strategy to lots of people in communities, in industries, in sub-cultures. If we can see the big picture, and begin to link those strategies together, that’s when change happens. As kingdom-focused coaches, our job is to get people asking those questions about what they do and why they do it.


Transforming culture is all about execution. We have to deliver on the ideas that God is giving us. That includes practical leadership strategies married with spiritual authority. So whether we’re coaching as a profession or simply working with people we lead in business or ministry, the job of the kingdom-focused coach is to help people improve their ability to ask the right questions, make better decisions and utilize the gifts and abilities that God has put within them.

As kingdom-focused coaches, we have the spiritual authority to unlock gifts, to pull people back into timing with prophetic words spoken over their lives and to activate them into real-world strategies that begin to shift the environment where they live and work.

I want to encourage you today, whether you are coaching professionally, writing a course, working with an employee, or mentoring someone, if you begin to implement these coaching principles, you will better help people to connect with and more importantly, execute the kingdom purpose of their work.