Vanguard Voices Interview with Jamie Boersma


Introducing my new interview series, Vanguard Voices! In this series, I'll be sharing interviews with kingdom-minded people who are making a real-world impact in the world around them. In this session of Vanguard Voices, I'm joined by Jamie Boersma. Jamie is currently running for the position of Treasurer in Smith County, TX. In the interview, she shares a bit of her story about how she decided to take the leap and run for office! In the episode, we also discuss: Silencing the voices that make you feel disqualified to impact the Government Mountain Dealing with persecution with a Christlike [...]

Vanguard Voices Interview with Jamie Boersma2022-02-23T22:21:03+00:00

Impacting Local Communities


This month, we’re talking about strategies for local impact! If there is one thing we have learned over the last year, it is the impact local government and community leaders have on our daily lives. Many communities around the nation have been deeply impacted by school boards and teachers embracing radical policies like critical race theory and gender confusion while lowering academic standards. Local government covid restrictions have shut down businesses and churches, and many community media outlets promote fear and embrace socialist policies. Out of these experiences, we now know that dangerous ideologies have deeply and thoroughly embedded themselves into our society. [...]

Impacting Local Communities2021-08-17T21:10:26+00:00


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