Wartime Strategies


We are living in a decade of war, both in the spiritual and natural realms. Through prophetic revelation, we understand that there will be challenging days ahead. But we need not fear because God, our Master Strategist, has been releasing strategic revelation so that we can prepare for the future. The question is: What will we do with that revelation?  Will we hide away in the false security of our fear and apathy, or will we respond with boldness to His plan for our prosperity? The choices we make will define our futures. During this interactive meeting, we’ll discuss: Key prophetic [...]

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Speak The Right Language


Whatever your kingdom assignment is, it takes place within a distinct culture, with its own rules, values, goals, and language. To be successful, you must understand the rule book that goes with that culture, including speaking in a language that allows you to be heard and respected. Speaking the right language helps you understand the people you’re trying to reach and the problems you’re trying to solve. It opens doors of opportunity and builds your credibility. Bottom line: If you ignore the culture, the culture will ignore you. So, if you are going to make an impact, speaking the right language [...]

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