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Whatever your kingdom assignment is, it takes place within a distinct culture, with its own rules, values, goals, and language. To be successful, you must understand the rule book that goes with that culture, including speaking in a language that allows you to be heard and respected. Speaking the right language helps you understand the people you’re trying to reach and the problems you’re trying to solve. It opens doors of opportunity and builds your credibility.

Bottom line: If you ignore the culture, the culture will ignore you. So, if you are going to make an impact, speaking the right language is non-negotiable.

During this interactive meeting, we’ll discuss:

  • Shedding religious baggage that stops our voices from being heard
  • Understanding cultural perspectives on money, poverty, values, and influence
  • Communication strategies that build your credibility
  • Learning how to leaven kingdom culture into your sphere of influence

As always, we’ll take time to hear from one another, sharing real-time insights on what’s working and giving advice for those who need a breakthrough.

I hope to see you there!


Meeting Details:

March Topic: Speak The Right Language
Date/Time: Thursday, March 31st @7PM CST
Delivery: Online via Zoom
Host/Convener: Shelley Ozment



Are you ready to do something about the enemy’s aggressive expansion in the world around you? 

As the world changes rapidly around us, God is calling His church to move into a season of aggressive kingdom expansion. But like many believers, you may not be sure where/how to get started. You don’t need more teaching. You need a place where you can talk about your ideas and receive valuable feedback and encouragement from other leaders just like you. For that reason, we’ve decided to take a different approach, focusing less on teaching and more on discussion, strategy, and collaboration.

What you can expect:

  • A short introduction/teaching on relevant topics
  • A heavy focus on group interaction where you can talk through challenges, share your ideas, and develop strategies with other like-minded leaders.
  • Targeted intercession on group-determined prayer strategies

Every month, we’ll come together to discuss solutions to the spiritual and practical challenges in the world around us. We’ll come up with actionable strategies and learn from each other as we discuss what’s working in a real-world context. Whether it’s making a personal impact, training and releasing others to do so, or using our wealth more strategically, this series will help you discover the ways God is calling you to make an impact in the world around you!


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