Wartime Strategies Part 2


When you make the decision to fully pursue the kingdom purpose of your work, you can expect that there will be warfare. The enemy will do everything he can to attack your identity, undermine your authority, cut off your supply, and pull you out of timing. Why? Because aligning with kingdom purpose makes you dangerous. The enemy would like nothing more than to take you out, but God has a strategy to overcome every blockage and set you on a path of victory. You can push through every obstacle and accomplish the assignment God has given you! During this interactive meeting, [...]

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The Strategic Impact Series: Unlocking Kingdom Resources


THE STRATEGIC IMPACT SERIES MAY MEETING INFO: Unlocking Resources For Kingdom Impact Good ideas are great, but without the proper resources to implement them, you're not going to make much of an impact. The reality is that you can have a God-inspired idea, but still fail because you haven't learned how to tap into the resources that God has made available to you. This month, we're talking about how we can begin to change that. During this interactive meeting, we'll discuss: Recognizing limiting mindsets that may be blocking the resources you need The reasons that "God ideas" fail How to leverage limited [...]

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Are You A Vanguard?


The word vanguard has a very interesting history with amazing applications for those leaders who are serious about being cultural change-agents. Vanguard comes from the word avant-garde, a 15th century French military term. During this time in history, battle formations were commonly divided into three guards – the van, the middle and the rear. The Van was the advance guard, the front of a forward-moving fighting force. These were strong warriors with bodies scarred by multiple battles and mindsets hardened to the task in front of them. They were unwavering. Their purpose was two-fold: – Find and destroy the enemy – [...]

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