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Strategic Impact: Empowering the Next Generation

Young people today are facing unprecedented levels of warfare designed to pull them away from the plans that God has for their lives. Schools have become indoctrination centers. Addiction to social media has opened doors to fear, anxiety, and other destructive behaviors. Family breakdowns have created traumas designed to strip away identity and purpose. But this is also a generation with a powerful call of God. They have a God-given hunger for justice that needs to be channeled toward kingdom purpose. It's our job to nurture that purpose - to stand guard in intercession, to help them understand the warfare coming against them, [...]


SPARK summer camp

SPARK Camp is back this summer with all new content! Do you know a middle school or high school student interested in starting their own business? This summer, you can help them get started by sending them to SPARK, our virtual summer camp for young kingdom entrepreneurs! This year, students will receive hands-on training that walks them through the process of branding and marketing their own business, Students will also have the opportunity to work as marketing consultants, developing branding/marketing proposals for real-world businesses. Daily Activities: Students will take part in interactive classes, work on group projects, participate in hands-on activities, [...]


Strategic Impact: Combating Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is one of the most destructive ideologies at work in our nation today. In record time, CRT has spread throughout the Seven Mountains, infecting mindsets and stoking racial division in the pursuit of equity. Students and employees are being forced to reject their God-given identities and embrace a socialist agenda. The nation is at a crossroads. It’s time for the Ekklesia to stand together with new strategies and alliances to fight the enemy's deception and bring about true reconciliation! During this interactive meeting, we’ll discuss strategies for: Raising awareness about the destructive philosophy behind CRT Mobilizing against CRT in [...]


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