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Join us on September 25th for a brand-new Z Initiative Workshop, Small Business Health Checkup!

Attention all business owners:

  • Is your business running as efficiently as it should?
  • Are you struggling to cover monthly expenses?
  • Do you want to reduce your costs, make more money, and achieve greater success?

Smart business owners understand the importance of taking time to monitor the health of their businesses. Recognizing warning signs, diagnosing problems, and making quick adaptations are essential to success in a competitive market.

During our new interactive workshop, we’ll be looking at nine common problems that may be affecting the health of your business, offering tools and strategies to help you monitor your business health and keep things running at peak performance!

Topics include:

  • Understanding the key numbers that drive your business
  • Strategies for increasing cash flow
  • Optimizing your digital marketing strategies
  • Increasing sales from your current customers
  • Converting prospects into paying clients
  • Hiring and retaining good employees
  • Building a business email list
  • Understanding your business ecosystem
  • Dealing with adversity


Workshop Details:

Date: Saturday, September 25th

Time: 10am – 1pm CST via Zoom

Cost: $50

Speakers: Barbara Wentroble, Larry King, Shelley Ozment, Dr. Craig Ponder, & Brian Wentroble




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