Vanguard Voices – Interview with Michelle Garcia


Vanguard Voices INTERVIEW WITH MICHELLE GARCIA In this episode of Vanguard Voices, I'm joined by Michelle Garcia. Michelle is the owner of Rockaware, an education company that offers practical resources to help families create everyday teachable moments that help build a rock-solid Christian foundation in their children. In this interview, Michelle and I cover such topics as: Her vision for Rockaware and the unique approach her company is taking to partner with families Strategies for empowering children to stand firm in the face of the swirling winds of culture The necessity of breaking destructive cycles in families Recognizing where fear [...]

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Are You A Vanguard?


The word vanguard has a very interesting history with amazing applications for those leaders who are serious about being cultural change-agents. Vanguard comes from the word avant-garde, a 15th century French military term. During this time in history, battle formations were commonly divided into three guards – the van, the middle and the rear. The Van was the advance guard, the front of a forward-moving fighting force. These were strong warriors with bodies scarred by multiple battles and mindsets hardened to the task in front of them. They were unwavering. Their purpose was two-fold: – Find and destroy the enemy – [...]

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