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Vanguard Voices – Interview with Brian Wentroble


Vanguard Voices INTERVIEW WITH BRIAN WENTROBLE   In this episode of Vanguard Voices, I'm joined by Brian Wentroble. Brian is the owner of Create Great Stories, a membership website for beginning and intermediate fiction writers. Through Create Great Stories, Brian offers members a safe place where writers can share their works and receive valuable feedback. In this episode, Brian and I discuss: The power of fiction as a tool to impact culture The dangers young writers encounter on anime and fan fiction sites The need for greater Christian representation in secular fiction Practical advice for writers, including keys [...]

Vanguard Voices – Interview with Brian Wentroble2022-05-16T21:18:53+00:00

The Victim Addiction


The Victim Addiction We have a serious addiction problem in America. It has infiltrated every part of society, corrupting the brightest minds and stealing their futures. This addiction has reached such epic proportions that the fate of our nation literally hangs in the balance. What is this addiction? It’s an addiction to being a victim. Whether it’s transgenderism, critical race theory, or some other buzzworthy cultural designation, being a victim is where it’s at. If you want to be noticed, choose your favorite label, and you'll jump up the charts in status! The pull of victimhood is so intoxicating, and its [...]

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Don’t Misread The Moment


Don't Misread The Moment In the fog of war, it’s easy to become caught in a spiral of confusion, misdirection, and other distractions that keep you from the real battle that’s in front of you. I believe this is what’s happening to the church right now. I’ve watched over the last several months since the election as the church has been caught up in a season of loss, finger-pointing, demands for apologies, and prolonged introspection. Friends, this is exactly what the enemy wants us to do. The enemy would love for us to eat each other, while ungodly leaders inspired [...]

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The Kingdom Coaching Difference


Kingdom-focused coaching is a strategic tool that can be used to help people fulfill their kingdom assignments. God has given us many different tools and ideas over the last few years to equip us for cultural impact – things like making decrees, influencing the seven cultural mountains, apostolic hubs, and kingdom wealth transfer. While there has been a lot of teaching, I think many people are still lost as to how these ideas work in their every day lives. They hear prophetic words, but they aren’t sure how those words apply to the work they do. That’s where kingdom-focused coaching [...]

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Understanding the Seven Mountains of Cultural Influence – Part One


Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Matthew 28:18 – 19 When Jesus spoke these words, he was leaving an assignment that would be passed on to each successive generation. It was a calling to impact and transform entire nations to reflect the values and culture of His Kingdom. Over the last several decades, God has been revealing tools to help us with this [...]

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Building Better Bridges Between The Generations


We’re at a pivotal place in history. God has given us the tools we need for kingdom building, He’s stepped in to create a reset in our nation after decades of the enemy rewriting our moral, social and cultural constructs. All of this is exciting, but it has also exposed a lack of unity between races, genders and generations, both in society and within the church. If we are going to create lasting change, this is something that must be addressed, because building His kingdom is going to take a multi-generational effort.  Abraham was given a promise, but it took four [...]

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Waiting For Them To Say Yes


This weekend I had the privilege of speaking about social entrepreneurship at the Kingdom Business Summit in Dallas. The Summit is a unique event where business leaders come together to blend Kingdom-minded vision with essential business practices. I had so much fun meeting with people who are hungry to do business in a different way! Over lunch, one of the speakers at the event made the point that it seems like God is ready to do some new and exciting things, but the people seem to be waiting for permission. I’ve been thinking a lot about what he said: God has [...]

Waiting For Them To Say Yes2020-05-30T19:20:09+00:00


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