Vanguard Voices – Interview with Klancy Cunningham


Vanguard Voices INTERVIEW WITH KLANCY CUNNINGHAM   In this episode of Vanguard Voices, I'm joined by Klancy Cunningham. Klancy has worked in children's ministry for over 35 years and has recently released her new book, Activating Children In The Prophetic, which is a wonderful introductory guide for training children to hear the voice of God and minister prophetically. In this episode, Klancy and I discuss: The reasons why it is important to train children at an early age to hear the voice of God and the fallout if we wait. How developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit [...]

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The Victim Addiction


The Victim Addiction We have a serious addiction problem in America. It has infiltrated every part of society, corrupting the brightest minds and stealing their futures. This addiction has reached such epic proportions that the fate of our nation literally hangs in the balance. What is this addiction? It’s an addiction to being a victim. Whether it’s transgenderism, critical race theory, or some other buzzworthy cultural designation, being a victim is where it’s at. If you want to be noticed, choose your favorite label, and you'll jump up the charts in status! The pull of victimhood is so intoxicating, and its [...]

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Stop Swimming In The Kiddie Pool


This weekend God hit me with a challenge/rebuke that I think will resonate with you as well. I was in a conference session and heard Him say, ”It’s time to get out of the kiddie pool. It’s time to start swimming in the depth that I have called you to.” When He said it, I knew exactly what He was talking about. I have some revelation that I think is important and I’ve been sitting on it. I’ve shared it with a few people, but I’ve been hesitant to unpack what I'm hearing to a larger audience and He called me [...]

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