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Help The Young Person In Your Life Plan For Their Financial Future!

One of the best ways your children or grandchildren can plan for their financial future is to learn how to start their own business. That’s why we launched Z Initiative – to give the next generation the tools they need to develop multiple streams of income. That might mean being a full-time entrepreneur or simply developing a side business that creates another source of income. You can help them get started by connecting them to the Z Initiative!

In our next Z Initiative meeting, Developing Your Brand, we’ll be discussing strategies for creating a business identity that captures people’s attention.

In business, brand is everything. It’s what tells your story and what sets you apart from the competition. It also determines the impact your company will make in the world.

In this interactive meeting, we’ll look at:
• Elements of a successful brand
• Strategies for building your online presence
• Understanding what God wants your business to be known for

February Meeting Dates:
12-17 Track – February 23rd at 7PM CT
Led by Shelley Ozment and Kailee Wentroble

18-30 Track – February 25th at 7PM CT
Led by Stacie Forest and Jamie Boersma

Cost: $150 for a 12-month membership (includes access to our digital resource library)

Delivery via Zoom

Information & Registration: https://www.barbarawentroble.com/z-initiative

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