This Year Do Something Different!

If you are like most people, every New Year brings the promise of new opportunities. For some, it’s the opportunity to start a new business or ministry. For others, it’s about self-improvement.

January is the time for dreamers. The challenge is turning that dream into reality.

Life gets busy, and the dream gets pushed to the back burner.

Fear sets in, and determination wavers.

Past failures leave seeds of doubt.

Roadblocks pop up, making it hard to see the path forward.

And the dream is delayed.

Don’t let that be your story.

If you are tired of the status quo and want to do something different this year, I’m here to help! I’ve put together a special 3-session coaching offer to help you get started! As your coach, I will help you develop your action plan, troubleshoot issues standing in your way, and hold you accountable to moving forward.

For more information, just contact me here and we can discuss how coaching can help you do something different this year!



Special Offer:

Buy two coaching sessions and get one free.

The Details:

  • Small business startup and personal coaching plans available
  • Each session lasts one hour
  • Sessions can be used however you like – weekly or monthly
  • Sessions are available via zoom or phone
  • Includes free email support
  • Sessions can be used at any time during the year but must be purchased by January 31st



Learn more about how coaching can help you.

In addition to our courses and workshops, we offer coaching that blends apostolic/prophetic insight with practical strategy to help you break out of limiting mindsets and get on the fast track to achieving your goals.